Quincy Milton II


Quincy has been an outdoors man his whole life but he did not pick up a fly rod until he was in college. After a long hiatus he discovered an abundance of fishing opportunities on the Yakima River back in 2008, and has been passionate about fly fishing ever since. He introduced his son Quincy and, eventually wife Ann Marie to fly fishing so that he could share the sport he loved with the people he loved. Quincy focuses on the minute details of the sport which is evident in his uncanny ability to present his fly flawlessly.

Ann Marie Milton


When Ann Marie was young, he older brothers always had her playing with them outside. She has never been afraid to conquer outdoors activities which is apparent in her list of accomplishments including a master diver certification.  Her willingness to learn and desire to catch large fish continues to drive her into honing her fly fishing craft.

Quincy Milton III (Q)


Q is the son of Quincy and was introduced to fly fishing at the age of 8. On a hot Eastern Washington day when Q was 11 he caught 13 trout on the famous Yakima river and has been hooked ever since. Q is very focused on always improving his cast and greatly enjoys instructing new fly fishermen and women. His goal is to receive a master caster certification soon.

Kendall Davis


Kendall is the newest member of the family to get into fly fishing. She was thrown right into the fire when we went bonefishing in the Bahamas in 2017 and like her mom, continues to work at the craft. Kendall is always willing to go on an outdoor adventure and

Lauren Davis


Lauren was introduced to fly fishing around the same time Kendall was and is a lot like Q in that she has a great desire to be a great caster. Like Kendall, she was thrown into the fire of fly fishing in the Bahamas and after working hard to get through the trials and tribulations on the first day, she really started to figure everything out moving forward.